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Aditya Channe
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  • Location:
    Paris, France
  • Nationality:
    Indian 🇮🇳
  • Age
    25 :)

My story
• Product Manager |

• Technical Background in Full Stack Engineering |

• MSc. Digital Transformation |

• Skilled at user-centric development & agile methodologies |

• 5+ years at funded SaaS startups and scale-ups |

📝 Writing blogs — 🎥 Video Editing — 👽 Scientific fiction
Things I do
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Write Articles
I want to make coding accessible to anyone who wants to learn. I write about what I do and what I believe can be helpful to anyone who wants to start. PS: I'm not a professional writer.
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Create online courses
I create online courses for students, professionals, and individuals. I currently have an online course for Alexa Skills in collaboration with Labdox, and more courses are coming soon!
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Workshops and Webinars
I believe in learning, sharing, and community development. I take webinars, workshops, sessions and also offer one-on-one coaching. Check out my community events below.
My community events
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Freelance Projects
I work on freelance projects in my spare time. I build websites, design UI/UX, create content, and more. If you have a plan or a project and think I can assist you, feel free to contact me.
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Academic Learnings
  • Digital Transformation
  • Specialization: Digital management
  • User Experience
  • Product Digitalization
MBS, France
  • Electronics and Computer Science
  • Major: Industrial IOT
  • Minor: International Business
  • Training: Data Science
Arnaud Courtel
Head of Digital & Growth @ Didomi

Original (French) Extrêmement fiable et engagé, Aditya met les valeurs humaines au plus haut, et c'est cela qui nous a fait nous rapprocher initialement : humilité, calme, confiance, entre-aide, écoute... Il est extrêmement facile d'échanger et travailler avec lui. Passionné d'innovation, Aditya est un travailleur acharné qui ne se plaint jamais. Il est toujours désireux d'apprendre et progresser. Venant d'un background Dev/Tech, il a su s'adapter très rapidement aux enjeux Ops de l'équipe Digitale et m'aider développer le PRM (Hubspot) et ses automatisations. Trois semaine lui ont suffit à devenir indépendant sur la solution et m'apporter beaucoup de valeur.

Arnaud Courtel
Head of Digital & Growth @ Didomi

Translated (French -> English) Extremely reliable and committed, Aditya places human values at the forefront, and it is this that initially brought us closer together: humility, calmness, trust, mutual support, and attentiveness... It is extremely easy to communicate and work with him. Passionate about innovation, Aditya is a hardworking individual who never complains. He is always eager to learn and progress. Coming from a Dev/Tech background, he quickly adapted to the Ops challenges of the Digital team and helped me develop the PRM (Hubspot) and its automations. Three weeks were enough for him to become independent on the solution and bring significant value to me.

Sohan Maheshwar
Developer Advocate at Amazon Web Services (AWS) | Developer Evangelist

I worked closely with Aditya when he was chosen as an Alexa Student Influencer. He helped build a vibrant community around the voice tech space in his university. He was instrumental in bringing the Alexa team to conduct workshops and talks at LPU. He has also hosted his own workshops, created technical content as well as Alexa skills to showcase his technical capabilities. I admire his enthusiasm and his willingness to learn, which set him apart from all his peers.

Karthikeyan Jawahar
Product Marketing Manager @ Didomi

Aditya is a highly skilled business executive with novel and creative ideas. It fascinates me how eager he is to learn something new every day and to share his knowledge for the benefit of the organization. He possesses a solid technical background, which he wisely combines with his business acumen to tackle complicated real-world business challenges. His capacity to empathize with his stakeholders distinguishes him. I am confidence in Aditya's ability and competence to take on the position of Product Management. Aditya will thrive and exceed expectations wherever he goes. Without a doubt, if given the opportunity, I would gladly work with Aditya again.

Mani Venkatesh
Head of MSc- Bigdata and Artificial Intelligence, Associate Editor- Journal of Global Information Management, Montpellier Business School(MBS), France

Quick learner, efficient and dedicated. I enjoyed your discussions and your new perspectives on digital transformation. Hard working, technically sound and sincere in carrying out given task. I strongly recommend you and all the best for your future endeavors.

Amit Kothari
Founder, Labdox & Serial Entrepreneur

Aditya has been working as a Voice Assistant instructor with us for the last eight months. His enthusiastic and friendly approach has helped the learners under our programs to master the voice concepts effectively. He is always eager to share his knowledge with the team members. I have always found his ability to learning and exploring new technologies as particular character traits that would take him to great career heights.

Animesh Singh
Assistant Manager-Product Design & Development at Levram Lifesciences

I am pleased to write this recommendation for Aditya, i have known him for last 3 years, he is a versatile personality, he knows how to maintain fine balance between his academics, co-curriculars and extra curricular activities. He has proven his potential on various competitive platforms by his active participation, his quest for learning and improving with calm and positive attitude makes him unique from others and because of all his hardworks today he is known as the Alexa Student Influencer (ASI) thereby, I wish him all the best for his future endeavours.

Abhishek Jha
Founder and CEO of SPADE

Aditya, He is the person who has shown that if you follow your passion delicately you can achieve the great heights. From doing the co-curricular activities to transforming into the technical field and achieving the great results by becoming Alexa influencer of the Year. I strongly recommended him for the technical as well as a management role. He can be a great addition to the organization and will be the best asset.

Co-founder || Chief Operating Officer SPADE EMS

Aditya has been the great leader and he has proved always by his technical and managerial skills. I strongly recommend him for any of the roles as he has proved in the past that he can learn anything in a shorter period and also he can manage the team very well. He has been associated with us from last 4 years and has been an great resource for our organization.

Manish Singh Pathania
Senior Officer at Lovely Professional University

From the very first day when i met Aditya i have seen a positive spark of learning new techs in him. He always stays up and active for any task. I have seen his student journey from becoming student influncer till achieving best student award for his passion. He knows his way and will definitely achieve his goal.

Chandni kathuria
Assistant Professor at Lovely Professional University

I had pleasure of teaching Aditya Channe in his graduation at Lovely Professional University. He consistently demonstrated dedication towards his academics. Other than excelling in academics, Aditya has always shown interest in various technical events organized at university.He has really strong technical aptitude and is always ready to put in extra efforts to update himself on the latest developments in his field. I am confident that he will do extremely well in his career. Thus I extend my whole-hearted recommendations and wish him all the luck for his future endeavors.

Richa Sharma
Director, Grit Immigration Services (GIS) Inc.

As a mentor I always remember my students by their enthusiasm and zeal towards their goal. I have seen Aditya working day in and out on various projects that he handled and everytime I was awestruck and happy to find him dedicated and passionately working on them. I am sure he will be an asset for the organisation as he has been for us as a student.

Rashal Arfat
Analyst at HCL Technologies

I rarely come across real talents who stand out like Aditya. I had the pleasure of working with Aditya for two and half years at LPU and still we are working on many projects together. collaborating on several project teams. Aditya's ability to handle multiple projects was unlike any I’ve seen before and made a dramatic increase in the productivity level of our projects. As a team member or a leader, Aditya earns my highest recommendation. He correctly defines the tag of Alexa Student Influencer both technically and as community organizer. I wish him all the best for his future endeavors.

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