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Aditya Channe
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    Paris, France
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    Indian 🇮🇳
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    25 :)
Employment History
Product Manager
Jan 2023 (Present) ‣ Paris, France
• Led the creation of a gamified sustainability app, driving businesses to reduce their carbon footprint by engaging employees in a shared environmental mission.

• Conducted extensive user research and built interactive wireframe prototypes that capture core incentives, designed product experience from conceptualization to launch.

• Successfully secured and onboarded two initial clients, personally leading requirements analysis and customization processes. Provided comprehensive launch support, ensuring client satisfaction and optimal product integration.
Company Profile
Product Operations
May 2022 (1 Year) ‣ (Mission in Consulting) ‣ Paris, France
• Collaborated cross-functionally with product managers, designers, marketing, digital and other teams to streamline product roadmaps, gather feedback on pain points, and align operations with product goals.

• Created battle cards through extensive competitive analysis, enabling sales reps and customer success to effectively position our product strengths against competitors, driving increased customer conversions.

• Optimized lead generation and sales funnel by implementing new lead scoring and workflow improvements. Increased qualified leads and reduced cost per lead by 18%.
Company Profile
Product Owner
AppZoro Technologies
April 2021 (1 Year) ‣ Contract ‣ Atlanta, USA (Remote)
• Led collaborative requirement gathering sessions with product, engineering and design teams. Facilitated creation of clear, detailed epics and user stories enabling efficient development and execution.

• Implemented scrum practices for agile backlog management, clarified requirements, and aligned priorities, boosting team productivity by 15%.

• Built a voice AI prototype to help customers locate retail items faster, aiming to significantly improve customer experience.

Company Profile
Full Stack Engineer
Revfin Services
May 2019 (2 Years)
• Led integration of REST APIs and microservices, improving KYC validation performance by 11%.

• Built MVP voice application, reducing loan application time 23% and enhancing accessibility.

Company Profile
Alexa Student Evangelist
Amazon Alexa
July 2017 (3 years) ‣ Apprenticeship ‣ Bangalore, India
• Developed Alexa skills for users worldwide, contributed to technical documentation, sample code, and developer resources enabling developers to seamlessly integrate the Alexa ecosystem and services into their own applications.

• Enriched awareness and adoption of Alexa technology within the industry and provided feedback and insights to the product development team to improve user experience, developer journey, and help shape the product roadmap.

• Designed and presented educational and engaging technical presentations, workshops, hackathons, and webinars for students and professional developers to increase brand recognition and participation with the ASK platform.

• Built a community of 2000+ members, performed as a solutions architect for students on building Alexa skills, capstone projects, and won the award for the best Alexa student influencer of the year 2019 for Amazon Alexa.

• Created and executed strategies to increase the product visibility and reputation by building nurtured relationships with the developer community, contributing to the increased brand awareness and positive product perception.
Company Profile
Soft Skills

My academic and professional careers have always been quite exploratory. I have found my way by learning new things along the way. I wouldn't call myself an expert, but I possess the following skills.

  • Innovative thinking
  • Problem Solving
  • Networking
  • Client engagement
  • Public Speaking
  • Attention to detail
  • Teamwork and Leadership
  • Initiative driven
  • Investigative and auditing
Relevant Experiences
Course Instructor
Labdox (contract work)
March 2020
• Created an online course for students, working professionals, and beginners on How to create Alexa skills and voice-enabled experiences.

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Alexa Student Influencer
Amazon Alexa
July 2018 (2 years)
• Built custom, high-quality skills for Alexa customers.

• Performed as the Alexa technical architect for campus students to address their queries.

• Mentored campus students on Alexa Projects.

• Organized student workshops, meetups, Hackathons on Alexa skills.
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Alexa Developer Consultant
AppZoro (contract work)
April 2021
• Conceptualised a smart voice Assistant for a retail store.

• Led a team of 3 engineers in designing and developing an MVP using the Alexa developer console and Node.js.

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Technical Blogger
Data Driven Investor
December 2018 (Present)
• Writing blogs about Alexa skills and coding languages I work on for anyone who want to start building things using code.
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Founder and Community Organiser
Amazon Alexa Developer Community-LPU
• It is an open community for anyone interested in building voice-enabled experiences and creating an ecosystem of conversational AI.

• Organized student workshops, meetups, competitions, and Hackathons on Alexa skills and voice technology.

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Latest Certifications
Digital Product Management: Modern Fundamentals
University of Virginia
• Acquired a strong foundation in modern practices for developing digital products and teams, including product design, hypothesis-driven development, and agile, through focused study and learning.

• Focus creation around the product, inter-disciplinary teams and design thinking frameworks. Storyboards, Context map, Product Hypothesis, Strategic foresight, Horizons of growth, Collaboration across cross-functional teams.

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User Experience (UX) Design
• Developed a deep understanding of UX design principles and their importance in creating successful products and services for consumers and businesses.

• User-centered design, accessibility, equity-focused design. User problems, Interaction design, UX research, Creating storyboards, wireframes, low fidelity prototypes, testing user research, Creating mock-ups and high-fidelity prototypes.

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Foundations of Project Management
• Acquired a diverse skill set in project management by learning both traditional and agile methods, creating project documentation, and developing strategic communication skills.

• Project management roles and responsibilities, life cycle and significance, methodologies, frameworks. Organizational Structure, Culture, Change management, Governance and its impacts on Project, Influencing without authority.

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Master of Science
Montpellier Business School
Sep 2021 - (Present)
• Master of Science in Digital Transformation.

• a comprehensive study on improving organizational performance through digitalization and user experience followed by hands-on experience working with an early-stage start-up to implement digitalization and define their value proposition.

• Subjects:- Digital Sustainable Innovation, Strategic management, Organizational Behaviour, and change management, Value Creation, Digital Marketing, Digital Communication & Social Media, Digital Marketing and more.

Montpellier Business School
Bachelor of Technology (B.Tech)
Lovely Professional University
Aug 2016 - (4 Years)
• in Electronics and Computer Science.

• Data Structures and Algorithms, Internet of things(IoT), Operating systems, software engineering, Introduction to international business, Programming in Java, Introduction to Artificial Intelligence, Database management.

• Completed training in Data Science with Python and gained valuable hands-on experience as a full-stack developer intern.

• Successfully developed and presented a fully functional home automation and security system that demonstrated the potential to enhance the safety and convenience of people's daily lives culminating in a successful capstone project.
Lovely Professional University
Higher Secondary Certificate (HSC)
Kendriya Vidyalaya Bhandara
Aug 2014 - (2 Years)
• Computer Science.
Personal Projects
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Website clones
• Created Spotify, Netflix, WhatsApp, amazon, google, Hulu, and more clones using Mern stack.
• Used React context API, Redux, Material UI, Mongo Db, node, pusher, and more.
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Home Automation and Security
• Created a smart home ecosystem to control devices with smartphones and voice.
• Developed an intelligent security system using web sockets and IoT.
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Alexa Kart
• Integrated Alexa to a go-kart to control the ignition using voice commands.
• Used Alexa Voice Service and Raspberry pi.
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Other Projects
• Worked on Alexa Skills, IoT projects, line-following robots, and more.
• Used Node.js, c/c++, hardware devices, and more.
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